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Deptford Wharves

Acting for and advising City and Provincial Properties PLC in relation to an 11 acre site in Deptford which obtained planning permission in March 2012 for a mixed use development comprising up to 905 dwellings as well as A1 - A5 commercial units and D1 and D2 uses and building heights ranging from 4 - 18 storeys.

Infrastructure includes an energy centre, open space provision and pedestrian/cycle routes and a water feature. Delivery of the comprehensive development required by planning policy will depend upon site assembly and the use of CPO powers has been approved in principle although my client is negotiating to acquire by agreement if possible. The application included a detailed deliver strategy and this is tied to the planning permission by condition.

This project is an example of effective collaboration between Paul Winter & Co and James Smith (Planning Law Services Limited) in order to provide our client with the most cost-effective service without undermining the high quality of service and advice which our client expected. On this arrangement, Paul Winter gave overall strategic advice on all aspects, during preparation of our planning application, and detailed analysis and advice on the issues arising as the application progressed. At my suggestion, the client agreed to my appointing, James Smith as a sub-consultant for the day to day drafting and negotiation of the section 106 agreement, under my close supervision and with my continuing to advise where required on the strategy and on specific issues where my advice and attendance were required. As the quotation on this page indicates, our client was happy with the seamless service that this arrangement delivered.

We are very fortunate to have come across Paul and James and to be able to draw upon the tremendous breadth of expertise and experience and the focused approach to successful delivery they bring to the project. Both of them gave the matter their full attention, often in their own time and were extremely responsive. They understand other parties' timescales. Their personal integrity is undoubted and carries weight. They only go home when the work is finished... This was a very happy and efficient way of working and the S 106 was completed and Planning Consent issued, in a timely fashion.

Hugh Cave: Director, City & Provincial Properties PLC.